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Tenant Lease Violations

Your HAP contract requires that you notify the agency of lease violations and copy the agency on correspondence you have with the resident.

We want you to understand what happens when you copy correspondence to this agency:

  • Upon the first lease violation warning or complaint, the agency will have the resident come to the office for a counseling session, explaining how these matters could affect their further participation in the program and tenancy with their landlord.
  • When the agency receives either a second complaint or copy of a second warning notice, a second counseling session may occur. 
  • If you take action to terminate the lease; (i.e., Three Day Notice to Pay or Vacate, Three Day Notice to Comply, Thirty Day Notice To Vacate, etc.) we will bring the participant in again to discuss potential termination from program and advise them of their rights and responsibilities.
  • When we receive a copy of actual court action, (i.e., Judgment, Notice of Possession, etc.) the resident will receive a termination from the program. Any participant who is formally evicted or who vacates the premises under an eviction action may be ineligible for the program.
  • If you fail to take appropriate legal action, fail to serve the resident with proper legal notices, or fail to win in court, this agency is not obligated to take any action.

We hope this clarifies our role when the tenant violates the rental lease and remedy your complaints. It is important that the landlord enforces their lease and take immediate action when lease violations occur.  If you have any questions regarding required legal action, please contact an attorney who specializes in rental law.