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The Process for an Owner Renting to a Voucher Holder

This is a federally funded program which requires certain paperwork and certain rules. The following is an example of how the process should flow:

  1. The voucher holder finds a unit they want to rent.
  2. The owner/agent screens the voucher holder in the same manner they screen all applicants – (for example, credit checks, criminal background checks, landlord references)
  3. After the applicant has cleared your screening, the owner completes the required paperwork, has the voucher holder sign and returns the paperwork to the Housing Authority.
  4. Once the paperwork is received, it is reviewed for completeness and if no other documentation or clarification is required, within 3 working days the Inspector contacts the owner to schedule the inspection and/or negotiate rent.
  5. Inspection is conducted. We suggest the owner/agent be present at the inspection.  If items need correction, owner/agent is given time frame to complete (no more than 30 days). If unit cannot be brought on to the program, owner/agent is notified.
  6. Once the unit passes inspection, the Housing Specialist contacts owner/agent to execute a lease with the voucher holder and a contract with the agency.
  7. Once a contract and lease are executed, only then will payments be authorized. When there are funding restraints, contracts will only begin on the first day of the month. If you execute a lease for any other day before the first day of the month, the tenant will be responsible for the rent until the contract begins (on the first day of the month.)

The Housing Authority is prohibited by federal law to pay any subsidy on any unit until the unit has passed inspection and both a contract and lease are executed.

THEN WHAT?: You treat the tenant as you would any other tenant, following local and state law, except:

  • You may not terminate the lease during the first year without cause for serious violations of the lease only, and
  • You must notify the Housing Authority of any lease violations or legal action you take toward the Voucher Holder.