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Landlord information

HOW DO PERSONS QUALIFY FOR THE PROGRAM?  To initially qualify, the family‚Äôs income must be at or below 50% of the median income for the community. They remain on the program as long as they comply with program rules and their portion of the rent does not equal or exceed the total amount of rent.

HOW MUCH RENT WILL THE TENANT PAY?  The portion of rent the voucher holder will pay is based on approximately 30% to 40% of their income, depending on the rent charged for the unit.  When a family has a decrease in income, their portion may decrease.  When they have an increase, their rent will normally increase after a 15 day notice is given to both the tenant and owner.

HOW MUCH RENT WILL THE HOUSING AUTHORITY PAY?  The balance of the rent is paid by the Housing Authority and directly mailed to the owner/agent on the first day of each month. The Housing Authority offers direct deposit payment of monthly rent.

LEASES:  The first lease must be for one full year.  Leases may begin any time during a month but must end on the last day of month.  If you execute a lease for any other day before the first day of the month, the tenant will be responsible for the rent until the contract begins (on the first day of the month.) After the first year, the lease may be month-to-month.


  • You may charge the same deposit amount you would charge to other tenants.
  • Participants are responsible for paying the security deposit.
  • When the participant moves, you must follow state law regarding the return and/or notification of amounts kept from a security deposit.
  • If the deposit does not cover damages and/or unpaid rent, please send a copy of your final settlement statement to the agency.  Although we do not pay any of these costs, we will forward the debt to the participant.