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After Application

What happens after I turn my application in?

Your application will be placed on a waiting list, based on any preference you are eligible for and based on date and time of application. Your position on the waiting list may change daily – moving back when someone with greater preference moves ahead of you and moving forward when applications are pulled off the list.

Applicants are pulled off the list when either there is a Public Housing unit available or voucher available (Section 8).

Once your name is near the top of the list, you will receive a letter to update your application. You will be required to verify your income, family composition, preference and certify to your eligibility as a citizen, and in the case of Public Housing, screened for suitability.

Suitable applicants for Public Housing must have a reasonable credit report, no history of criminal activity, and a minimum of three years positive residential history.


On this program, upon meeting the suitability requirements, and when there is a vacancy, you will be offered an apartment. If you refuse the offer, you will be offered the next available unit. If you refuse that offer, you will be provided one more opportunity to accept a unit. If you refuse the third offer, your application will be removed and you will be required to reapply. You will be responsible to pay your security deposit prior to moving in based on the following:

1 bedroom - $300, 2 bedroom $400, 3 bedroom $500


On this program, upon completing the final verifications, you will be required to attend a briefing session to explain the program requirements, issued a voucher which allows you 60 days to find suitable housing, and enter into a lease with a landlord, in that order. We recommend you do not move into a unit or sign a lease, until the unit has been approved


The Owners of these properties select applicants from their list of eligible applicants and refer you to our agency. You must meet both their screening criteria, their application procedures and our eligibility requirements.


You are responsible to notify this agency in writing any time your income, family composition or address changes. This agency will notify you in writing when your name is near the top of the waiting list. If you do not respond to that letter, your application will be removed from the waiting list and you will be required to reapply.