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About Us


The purpose of the Ogden Housing Authority is to promote and provide safe, affordable and sound housing, free from discrimination, and self sufficiency opportunities for persons of low to medium income in partnership with the communities we serve.


The Housing Authority of the City of Ogden (OHA) is a tax-exempt municipal corporation created by Resolution 670-70 passed by the Ogden City Council on February 19, 1970.

OHA’s annual budget exceeds $8 million. OHA staff includes over 19 employees, with average job longevity of eight years.


Originally, OHA was governed by a Board of (5) five  Commissioners, but adopted a (7) seven member Board in 2001.

The Board of Commissioners currently meets monthly on the Third Wednesday of each month at the agency office. Board Meetings are open to the public.

Persons who wish to be on the agenda must submit a written request to be placed on the agenda the week before the meeting.


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